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Pastor McBride (con't)

Pastor has a quenchable thirst for the knowledge of God and love for the people of God.  With the help of God, Pastor continues to implement the vision and mission of Spread The Word Cathedral. Evangelize, Embrace, and Edify. Reveal..........Repair/Remove.............Replace.  

Pastor McBride has served on the Board of Directors for Bea Gaddy Foundation. He has been recognized by the mayor of Baltimore for years of service within and throughout the community encompassing spiritual, educational, mental health, and communal services. Because of his dedication, the Mayor issued Pastor a proclamation proclaiming Pastor Vernon McBride & Spread the Word Cathedral Day in Baltimore City.  In past years, Baltimore’s airwaves often thundered the voice of Deliverance daily on WBGR, WWIN, and WJRO with the miracle prayer line.  Even across the country, he has ministered on cable television as well as  traveled while carrying the Word of God in a multitude of tents and churches.  


Many ministries have been introduced to our city because of the Evangelistic outreach of the ministry. This yielded vessel has been anointed and equipped to carry out this mandate to bring deliverance and restoration to the Body of Christ under the Apostolic and Prophetic mantle. Pastor McBride attributes his great love and compassion for souls, not only to his own course of life preparation, but also to his former Pastor, Dr. Venora G. Hammond, Bishop Milton Perry overseer of Worldwide Bible Deliverance Churches Worldwide. Right in the midst of pain, hurt, and suffering. God birth this word in His spirit……. God is faithful that promised… Hebrews 10:23 

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